How was my 2022 year?

And it is the end of the 2022 year. How was this year for me personally and from the work perspective?

Work perspective

I decided to leave ING Hubs Poland at end of December 2022. That was amazing almost 2 years while I was working to build an environment for more than 60k users which will be migrated to fully Cloud Devices. I learned a lot. Implemented a couple of interesting solutions. I hope that they are also satisfied with my work.

From begging of 2023 – I will join Predica as a Cloud Infrastructure Consultant. I will be working on multiple projects related to Intune, Windows 365, and Security.

Yep, security. That will be a great opportunity to dive deeper. And – it will be a fun – because most of things which I will learn – I will be blogging / recording about it! And it is a main target for 2023. Microsoft Defender, Azure Security. – so many new topics to cover.

In November I got an MVP title from Windows and Devices for IT category. That was an amazing day. After almost 4 years of blogging, recording, and videos – I got that email. I cried a lot when I saw this message 😉

That MVP title was related to my latest hobby – YouTube videos. This year, I recorded 19 videos which are visible on my YouTube channel

Also – provided a couple of online presentations.

And from blogging – I wrote 31 posts.

I wasn’t able to deliver a presentation about MEM to my Polish audience.

Private perspective

Very difficult year.

Taking care of myself, and my family was the hardest thing this year.

Everything that I can write is: Take care of yourself first. Without this – you will be not able to take care of the people you love.


Yes, there a multiple plans. But I will be not posting it. Because – do first one thing, after that – second. Not everything in one time.

See you in the 2023 year!

Thanks for reading! <3