How to start collecting data from devices that are used with MEM?

Last time, when I was playing with Feature Updates I realized that on one of the tenants I didn’t enable Data Collection for enrolled devices in MEM. But what does mean? For example, if you will be creating settings for Windows Update for Business or Endpoint Analytics – those data will be not available because devices are not configured to return anything.

So I started to fix my issue and created profile by going to: Windows > Devices > Configuration profiles > Create profile

As a platform, you need to select Windows 10 and later and for profile type: Templates > Windows Health Monitoring.

Select a proper name and description and continue. On the next window, you have the option to select what data you want to collect:

  • Windows Update
  • Endpoint Analytics

In my case, I will select both because I will be using both options in the future. In the next step, I assigned that option for my all devices and saved my profile.

After some time, the profile was properly applied to the devices.

Create profile for Data Collection for Devices in MEM

And now I can back to work with Feature Updates and Ring Updates configuration! 🙂