How big a resolution is enough to work?

A couple of weeks ago I could test Philips 345E2AE which review you can read here. That was a 4K 34’ monitor.

And was great.

After that – I received another package from Philips. With something bigger. Much bigger.

With 5K, 49’ display.


Wait?! How big it is!?



But need to unpack this first…

I unpacked that device and decided to check how big it is and… It’s bigger than my TV.

Quick review: Philips 499P9 - is 5K resolution enough to work?


After that – I compared it to my previous display – Philips with 34’.

Quick review: Philips 499P9 - is 5K resolution enough to work?

People asked me why not use both… Because my desk has only 1.2meter long!

Ok, after the first wooooow I started connecting it to my devices.

Multiple connection types

To this device, we can connect four different sources. One by Display Port and by USB-C with Power Delivery <3 (up to 65w) and two devices by HDMI 2.0. Unfortunately not by HDMI 2.1 – that will be great to have the newest standard for example, to my Xbox Series X. I used USB-C for my laptop from my company and HDMI for private devices. Also – I tested it with Display Port with my USB-C docking station. Works fine also.

Quick review: Philips 499P9 - is 5K resolution enough to work?

Windows Hello for Business


It is a only nice word or… Something better? I’ve used a password-less with many different keys with FIDO compatibility. For example – One which I used is described here. I need to go back to those articles.

Here, on this display, we have a built-in camera (which is enough for Teams meeting but don’t try to record some videocasts using this camera ;)) with sensors that are compatible with Windows Hello.

Quick review: Philips 499P9 - is 5K resolution enough to work?

In one sentence – you can log on to your device – without typing anything. Just look at the camera and nothing more. You’re logged in.

USB-C connection and USB-Dock <3

You should start using USB-C if you can. I’m in love with that standard. One cable for everything. Even for a power. Philips 499P9 supports power delivery to 65w which is enough for all of the devices that I using in the home. Works great with HP EliteDesk 840 G5, G6 and G7 – because I had three different models on my home for test purposes.

Because this Display has a built-in USB dock you can connect up to three USB devices and an Ethernet connection – and what with that?

For example, For HP EliteDesk laptops I used only one cable to connect the display, ethernet, mouse, keyboard, wireless headphones, and power. No 6 different cables. Only one USB-C cable.

But what if our device doesn’t have a USB-C connection. You also can use a USB 3.1 connection to your laptop. It’s a standard USB-A connection. Works perfectly also with my old Huawei Device but I needed to connect an additional power cable.

HDR and Xbox Gaming

Huh, it will be not easy to describe. Because it is a 5K monitor my Xbox was able to use only 4K and all video was upsized, so – I wasn’t able to play. Everything was so distorted. For example, when I played for The Division 2 I was thinking that I’m a smurf. Really.

If you thinking to buy this display to play on the Consoles – don’t do this. If you thinking to buy this display to play games on the PC – can be a good decision, because you can select 5K as a display resolution on your games. Also – you need to have a very efficient graphic card.

HDR can be used also with PC and Xbox – but as I said earlier – I wasn’t able to play on the Xbox 🙁

Low blue light settings

One of the best settings. I’m always using it. Especially, if you have a so big display and don’t have a good light on the room – like me.

What is Blue Light?

Studies have shown that just as ultra-violet rays can cause eye damage, shortwave-length blue light rays from LED displays can cause eye damage and affect vision over time. Developed for wellbeing, the Philips LowBlue Mode setting uses smart software technology to reduce harmful shortwave blue light.


Nah. As on my previous review, I tested it but wasn’t work very well. For example, for USB-C I had an FHD resolution what was ok, but for HDMI I wasn’t able to set up a proper resolution even if I chose the FHD. Everything for the HDMI was sooooo small and not readable. I checked the instruction and… Doing everything ok. Don’t understand why.

Display menu

To configure this Display, we need to use physical buttons on the bottom of the device. Everything is clear and well described.

Quick review: Philips 499P9 - is 5K resolution enough to work?

Size of the Display.

Seriously, you need to have a big desk. Look at the below picture.

Quick review: Philips 499P9 - is 5K resolution enough to work?

My desk is 1.2m in length. Better, if you will have a bigger desk.

Also, his weight isn’t small. 15KG. And he has a big stand. Very big… Almost like my laptops. oO

Quick review: Philips 499P9 - is 5K resolution enough to work?

General usage…

Was great – but to be clear, I was fell better while I’m using the previous display – this 34’ Philips 345E2AE which has a 4K resolution. And was working fine with my Xbox.

But how to work with that big display? Use PowerToys to snap in software window to specific regions which you create. In one of the pictures, I didn’t use PowerToys. And you have the content of my blog in middle only. The rest are blue. On the picture on the top, you can see that I’m able to use 5 Browser tabs and it’s everything is fully readable.

For the home office or my standard – Modern Management role in my home that display was perfect.