Help your school to create an environment and organize work remotely due to the COVID-19 using Microsoft Technologies.

As you know, in the world it is pandemic of COVID-19 and most of the public institutions are currently closed. One of these institutions is school, which is important to us because young people cannot learn.

Due to this, Microsoft decided to share for all public schools and another institution Office 365 A1 licenses. A1 licenses for all teachers and students! It’s amazing.

Help Your School to work remotely!

Because this project is related to the Polish country, all information was provided in polish language. You can find and read this information here.

The most important thing before you join these programs is that you must be a member of a school that you’re applying to join this program.

Another important thing is that Microsoft created courses for teachers and implementers on how to work with those A1 licenses. That can be found here

If you’re interested to deploy that on your school, but you don’t have technical requirements, you can always ping me here. I’m always ready to help you with that!