What if you could read all blog posts about Microsoft technologies in one place?

Hello everyone.

I decided to create that post to inform you that I want to create a portal where you as the reader can read all posts about Microsoft technologies in one place. Something like Feedly, but with content provided by people who are creating blog posts about those technologies.

How it will works?

For example, you’re a content creator and want to add your blog to my platform. So, you need to create an account (using the email address and password), add a link to your blog with RSS (for example myblog.com/feed) and that’s it! You can also add any other information, for example description for blog, cover photo etc.

There will be a cron job to check every blog if there is any new content and will be displayed on my portal. I’m planning to add a feed with direct links to your blog.

I don’t want to ear any money. It’s my own project.

Sounds interesting?

I plan to create that platform next month and everyone will be able to join to share their posts.

If you have another idea what can be done here – I’m always ready to the conversation. You can ping me on Facebook, Twitter, email or below this post – using Disqus.

And thanks for reading!