From some time I was looking for a new device with physically TPM 2.0 for my lab which I have on my home. My first decision was to buy some Surface 3 Pro from my colleague, but that device was old and without any guarantee. I was looking a bunch of time and yesterday I decided to buy my second HP device – this time I decided to buy HP ProDesk 600 G2 Desktop Mini

„Meet my new device in my lab!"

Why that device instead of Surface Pro 3? Because on that Desktop computer, I can add more RAM memory, change disk, processor, etc. And was cheaper than Surface 3.

Why I bought that device? I want finally try to work with new features of AutoPilot, like Kiosk Mode, Self Deployment, White Glove, etc…

That all features need physically TPM 2.0 and I think to buy that HP ProDesk 600 G2 was the best option.

So, please wait for posts about Microsoft 365 Technologies! 🙂